B Task Manager

The ideal tool for team collaboration & organization

A task manager that organizes your projects,
tasks and deliveries by priority and resources.

Task Creation
Task Assignment
In Progress Tasks
Due Tasks
Clients’ Information
Quick Task Creation
Tasks Status

Tasks by Project
Projects by Company
Due Projects
Company Type
Multi Contacts
Multi Companies

Tasks by Status 
Daily Appointments

Daily Views
One to One Chats
Periodic Chat History

B-Task Manager features

  • Multi Companies
  • Multi Projects by Company
  • Multi Tasks by Projects
  • Caller ID with instant Caller file display
  • Clients File
  • User level Permission Table

B- Task Manager Highlights

Using B-Task Manager to its fullest can really boost your team’s coordination and efficiency.

In only 2 steps, you are ready to use it:

  • Group your team members by department
  • Assign them roles and projects and there you have it

Members can access their daily tasks and sort them by Type, Priority, and Impact. They can also track due tasks and trigger reminders for critical jobs.

They can manage their Sales leads, follow up on Projects and generate Daily Reports.

Each user can switch between Calendar daily view and a simple Agenda view and even color-code his task types for a clearer tasks overview.