B Clinic

The full CRM & management tool for clinics and polyclinics
B Clinic Software

The Clinic Management covering from
Doctors & Patients appointments to Diseases Statistics

Access to Patient File
Doctor’s Schedule Printing
Medicine File

Sales & Purchase Transactions

Patients Personal Information
Medical History
Visits History
Lab Tests & Scans History
Lab Fees

Doctor’s Personal Information
Patients Visit History
Receipts Transactions
Patients, Doctors
& Diseases Statistics

B-Clinic features

  • Easy booking system
  • Calendar by Service and Doctor
  • Waiting List
  • Quick Patient File history Search
  • Medicine Stock management
  • Automatic Accounting integration



The feedback of a Doctor using B-Clinic software comes with a story: “I check the waiting list, select the Patient, read the consultation history, open the newest lab tests and scans results. Et voilà, I am ready when my Patient shows-up. When the visit is done, I update my consultation’s notes.”

The secretary: “When the Patient arrives, I select his File, scan his newest lab tests and add him to the waiting list. When his consultation is over, I enter the receipt and check him out.”



The “shared medical record” is the most appreciated feature by the Doctors using B-Clinic software, allowing them a full coordination. In fact, all of the medical staff can access the Patient File.

B-Clinic software offers the easiest appointments booking using the calendar organized by Doctor.

The “end of day” statement lists the daily Invoices and Receipts by Doctor


Healthcare Centers

Healthcare Centers use the full version of B-Clinic software. In addition to Doctors, Patients and Diseases files, consultation forms, appointments, invoices and receipts, the System allows the management of the inventory and accounting.

In the Lab module, the User can access the Lab Tests & Scans history and fees.