B Real Estate

The ideal solution for your Real Estate business
Real Estate Software

Easily manage your Rental and Sales Contracts.
B-Real Estate software tracks Cost & Profit, Penalties & more.

Contracts Generation
Contracts Settlements
Contracts Renewal Reminders
Apartment Management
Cost per Apartment
Penalties, Services & Taxes
Cost Center

Clients Information
Payment Mode: Credit / Cash
Sales Balances
Stock Management
Inventory / Stock Costing
Purchase Value / Discounts
Periodic Payments

Payments & Returns
Receipt / Payment / JV
Banks / Cash
Closing / Opening
Statement of Accounts & Trial Balance
Profit & Loss
VAT Reports

B-Real Estate features

  • Easy contract generation
  • Quick Renewals lists
  • Due payments reminders
  • Items Consumption per Apartment
  • Automatic Accounting integration

B- Real Estate Highlights

B-Real Estate Software is the best tool for property management allowing the User to:

  • Organize the Apartments files & specs
  • Control the expenses cost by Apartment
  • Handle the Sales Contracts with payment modes
  • Manage the Rental Contracts’ Payments, Maintenance, Services and Penalties
  • Manage the Stock inventory, Sales and Purchases
  • Monitor all his financial reports