B Rest

The ideal solution for your F&B
Restaurant Software

A practical Restaurant POS.
Easily track tables, reservations, phones orders and deliveries

Easily track Tables Orders
Reservations and Bills
Merge or Split Bills Tables
Recipes Definition
Cost of Platters
Procurement List

Phone Orders
Ongoing and Done Deliveries
Ongoing Tables Orders
Ongoing Reservation Orders
Platters List
Beverages List

Price List
Touch Screen Billing
Delivery Client details
Delivery Person
Cash & Credit Cards

B-Rest features

  • POS
  • Easy Reservation and Order systems
  • Quick Menu & Platters updates
  • Tables and Delivery management
  • Platters recipes
  • Automatic Accounting integration

B- Rest Highlights

During the confinement period, B-Resto versions mixed up. Indoor Restaurants, using B-Resto software, made the smoothest switch to the delivery system. They only had to update the Delivery Person File and follow the ongoing and delivery Orders management.

At the social distancing time, B-Resto software Users have the ability to split or merge their Tables as well as manage the Orders, Reservations, and Bills.

No matter how many changes the Chefs make to their Recipes, each Platter’s cost is displayed along with the Procurement List for chosen Quantities.