Mastering Customization: Bmind’s Tailored ERP Solution Ignites Growth for a Leading Cosmetics Company

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Use Cases:

  • A comprehensive and customized ERP system for a leading cosmetics company
  • Implementation of Point of Sale (POS) system for their retail boutiques
  • Integration of the client’s e-commerce platform with the ERP system
  • A planned mobile app for salespeople



  • The client required a robust, tailored ERP system for managing their stock and accounting
  • A need to effectively run the newly launched boutiques through a POS system
  • Ensuring seamless operations between the e-commerce platform and existing ERP system
  • Employee theft causing significant inventory discrepancies



  • Bmind developed a tailored ERP system for the client, which was further upgraded with time
  • They implemented a POS system in the client’s boutiques, allowing seamless data transfer
  • Bmind integrated the e-commerce platform with the client’s ERP system for smooth operations
  • A tracking module was added to the ERP system to deal with internal theft issues



  • Successful operations of the client’s boutiques and e-commerce platform
  • Significant decrease in inventory discrepancies due to the new tracking module
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and growth of the client’s business

Introduction: A History Rooted in Partnership

In the rapidly evolving world of business, technological adaptability and personalized solutions form the backbone of success. This case study showcases how Bmind, a seasoned software company, provided a leading cosmetics company with tailored ERP solutions that catalyzed their growth and evolution.

In the 1990s, our client, a rapidly growing company in the cosmetics production industry, encountered a significant challenge – the need for a robust, customized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage their stock and accounting. A fortuitous meeting with the founders of Bmind, a software company established in 1986, set the stage for a partnership that would span decades.

The CEO of the client company, recognizing the potential of Bmind’s ERP system, collaborated closely with the software company’s founders. They developed a customized ERP solution that addressed the client’s specific needs, a partnership that thrived for a decade.

However, in the early 2000s, a change in the client’s auditing company necessitated a switch in software. The new auditing company insisted on a different ERP system they were accustomed to using. This prompted a temporary pause in the client’s relationship with Bmind.



As with many businesses that have spanned decades, our client was confronted with a modern business challenge – technological adaptability. Their issue stemmed from an inefficient local Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. While proficient in handling stock, accounting, and production, the system was inadequate in providing comprehensive visibility into other crucial areas such as delivery flow, sales performance, boutiques’ operations, and online sales. These areas were managed through Excel sheets, a makeshift solution that proved to be inefficient, error-prone, and time-consuming.

What made this issue more pressing was the fact that the company’s growth and expansion had reached a point where reliance on the local ERP and Excel sheets was severely hampering productivity. Their current ERP provider was unable to offer customizations needed to adapt the software to the client’s unique needs.

The company was at a crossroads, aware that their technological limitations could stunt growth, yet unsure of how to proceed. Their existing relationship with a software provider was no longer fulfilling their evolving needs, and the lack of customization options only compounded the issue. This created an operational gap that needed to be filled urgently, and that’s where Bmind came back into the picture.


Reunion and the Reinvention of the Partnership

Fast forward to 2011, a decade later, the CEO of the client company reconnected with Bmind. The software company had since developed a new, technologically advanced ERP system. After a successful demo, the client decided to rekindle their relationship with Bmind. They worked on a comprehensive system, incorporating a basic accounting system, a module to manage stock and production, customized sales orders formats, and a specific module to manage their commission.

The next generation of the client’s leadership, joining the company in managerial roles, further drove this technological revolution. Their insights led to additional system updates, making the ERP solution even more tailored to the client’s needs.


The Solution

Comprehensive ERP System

Bmind and the client worked together to develop a comprehensive ERP system that was more than just a basic accounting system. It had several components, tailored specifically to the client’s needs:

  1. Stock and Production Management Module: This allowed the client to effectively manage their stocks and oversee their production processes.
  2. Customized Sales Orders Formats: The system was designed to accommodate the client’s particular sales order formats.
  3. Commission Management Module: A specific module was integrated into the system to manage and calculate commissions, a critical aspect of the client’s business operations.


Retail POS System

With the ERP system providing a solid foundation, the client ventured into retail and opened their first boutique in a mall. This leap was made feasible through the implementation of a Point of Sale (POS) system developed by Bmind.

Bmind’s POS system, designed to handle sales invoices and daily cash calculations, ensured seamless data transfer to the client’s main office, providing real-time visibility into the boutique’s performance. Bolstered by this success, the client expanded their retail reach by opening five more boutiques, all equipped with Bmind’s POS system.


E-commerce Integration and Custom Mobile App Planning

When the global pandemic necessitated a shift towards e-commerce, the client and Bmind promptly responded. They integrated the client’s new e-commerce platform (developed using Shopify) with the ERP system, effectively linking e-commerce sales with production and accounting data.

They also began planning for a custom mobile app for their salespeople, with a goal to launch it in the following year, further demonstrating the dynamic nature of their partnership.


The Implementation of a Tracking Module

The journey of the client and Bmind was not without its share of hurdles. One such challenge was security breaches within the client’s operations. Bmind, demonstrating their commitment to the client’s needs, promptly added a tracking module to the ERP system, enabling the client to keep tabs on each product in every warehouse, significantly such breaches.



Bmind’s solutions have resulted in significant positive outcomes for the client:

  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The ERP system’s comprehensive and bespoke nature streamlined the client’s operations, increasing efficiency in areas such as stock and accounting management.
  • Successful Retail Expansion: With Bmind’s POS system, the client successfully expanded into retail, opening six boutiques.
  • Real-Time Performance Insights: Seamless data transfer from boutiques to the main office allowed the client to have real-time visibility into each boutique’s performance.
  • Enhanced E-commerce Operations: Integrating the e-commerce platform with the ERP system created a holistic system that linked e-commerce sales with production and accounting data.
  • Reduced Security Breaches: The implementation of a tracking module significantly minimized security breaches.



The enduring partnership between the client and Bmind encapsulates the transformative power of collaboration, trust, and bespoke software solutions. Their journey demonstrates how adaptable and personalized ERP solutions can propel businesses to new heights, fostering innovation and growth. Bmind’s commitment to creating client-focused solutions and its ability to meet real-time challenges underpins their expertise in implementing ERP systems.

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